Career Skills Training

We are very confident that with our wealth of extensive professional personnel training and development expertise and firsthand experience, we are well-positioned to deliver value to you; our training participant. All our resources are harnessed to deliver powerful solutions that add real, tangible value to every person we come into contact with. In providing effective personnel development solutions, we offer you a high level of personal contact in all areas of your professional live as we provide you with pragmatic, personalised advice and insights that help you succeed.

Our Clients

Our Main Services

We offer a full range of professional personnel training & development and business support services.

Career Skills Training & Development

Our main service is to train and develop the youth with employability or entrepreneural skills for them to succeed in their future prospects.

Psychometric Testing

We conduct psychometric testing of prospective workers or employees to determine or evaluate their psychometric giftings and hindrances so we can assist them in optimally utilizing their potentials.

Business Consultancy

Our career enhancement service will not be complete if we did not provide affordable business consultancy services to our entrepreneural trainees to properly register their businesses and improve corporate business workflow.

Be Professionally Trained To Unlease Your Full Potential

What We Offer

Professional personnel training and business consultancy services for businesses and individuals.

Employability Training
CV and Interview Masterclass
Customer Delight Training
Exceptional Customer Services
Corporate Restructuring
Corporate Change Management
Leadership & Teambuilding
Negotiation Skills Training
Marketing/Sales Training
Leading Difficult Teams
Time Management
Proposal & Minute Writing
Presentation Skills Training
Pre-Employment Training
Human Resource Consulting
Corporate Policies and Procedures
Organizational Strategy Development
Corporate Employee Training
Invest In People Training
Workplace Health & Safety Training
Educational Management Advisors
Selection, Recruitment, Training & Development
Career Guidance & Mentoring
Personal & Career Development Training
Disengagements Counseling
Oral Communication Skills
Written Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
Public Speaking
Writing Effective Reports
Proposal Writing
Research Consultants
Recruitment and Selection
Employee Psychometric Profiling
Corporate In-House/External Training
Professional Management Consultancy
Contract Staff Agency
Professional Development Training
Career Skills Training
Psychometric Testing
Job Placement
Career Counselling
Career Coaching & Mentorship
Business Consultancy
About us

Our firm has been providing expert employment guidance and counselling services to individuals and small businesses throughout Ghana since 2005.


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